September 25, 2018


Series: Sin City Salvation #1
Author: A. Zavarelli
Release:  September 25, 2018
Genre: Dark Romance


A life free from sin.
For seventeen years, I have lived and breathed those words. But there is no balm to the war inside my soul.
Until her.
The mysterious beauty too lethal to taste. She’s a thief, a con, the essence of everything I loathe. Still, she lures me in with her lying eyes.
In the dark of night, she came to confess her sins, and in the light of morning, I plotted to steal her away.
She will be my ruination. My damnation. My biggest regret.
So help me, God.


A word of advice? Don’t show me your vulnerabilities because I will find a way to exploit them. I learned the hard way to take what I want from life with no regrets.
Until him.
He’s one of the most hated men in America. A soulless criminal attorney. A recluse. And as of five minutes ago, my new husband.
He wants to keep my secrets and collect my tears, but he should know that a wild animal can’t be domesticated.
I don’t know how to love men. I only know how to leave them.
With everything I want. 


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There are good books and there are great books but I’m gobsmacked by Confess. It is more than a great book. It’s brilliant and moving not to mention so very compelling. It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year!

The writing was top-notch and this world, this book, that this author wrote was everything during the time I read it.

From the very first page to the last, I was obsessed and riveted by the writing, characters and plot.

I loved the battle of wits between Gypsy and Lucian. As it all unfolded between them, the sparks flew. I enjoyed every second of it. I laughed, cried and fell in love. I am completely awestruck.

This book is unforgettable and will stay with you long after the last word has been read. A. Zavarelli has outdone herself and I am downright eager for the next instalment.

I received an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I walked into my office and found the tall, leggy brunette waiting for me. She wasn’t the only one either. Beside her, Ace played around on his phone while Birdie flipped through a magazine.

I wasn’t surprised to see her this soon. In all honesty, I’d expected her to show up at my door last night, demanding to have Ace removed from her presence. But it appeared as though they survived the night, just barely.

“May I have a word with you?” Gypsy asked.

“You may,” I told her as I checked my watch. “In thirty minutes. When my lunch is finished.”

Her eyes narrowed, and she planted her hands on her hips as she stood. “You must be joking.”

“I don’t joke,” I responded flatly.
She stalked forward, stopping only when she’d breached the narrow distance that few people ever dared to try with me. She was reverting to her baser skills of seduction, but I doubted she even realized it. The instinct came naturally to her, often rewarding her with whatever she wanted, and admittedly, it might have worked on me too once.

She smelled of coconut oil and sunshine, and it encouraged a vivid image of her lying out on the beach. I could almost bet that if I were to touch her skin, it would be warm too. So warm that it would be easy to get lost in. She probably counted on it, but I was prepared to let Gypsy know from the start how this game would be played. There were only one set of rules, and they were mine.

“Do you want me to throw a fit?” she threatened as her eyes darted around my office. “Because I will.”

Now that was funny. My lips tilted despite my resolve to remain dry as toast.
“Do you think it would be the first time someone threw a fit in here?” I asked her. “I’m sorry to tell you sweetheart, but it wouldn’t.”

“It would probably be the first time someone accused you of holding them hostage in front of your employees.”
I turned and gestured for her to go ahead.

“Be my guest.”

Her lips tightened, and she clamped down on her jaw. After watching her for so long, these unintelligent threats from her were a disappointment. Of course, she wouldn’t make a scene because she had more to lose than I did.

“Thirty minutes,” I repeated. “I’ll have my secretary call for you when I’m finished.”
I walked into my office and shut the door behind me.


A. Zavarelli is a book junkie, cat lover, and traveler when plagued by intense cases of wanderlust. She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and putting her characters through hell.

Her tales have been known to flirt with darkness and sometimes court it unabashedly altogether. Revenge themes and tortured souls are her favorites to write and this gives her an excuse to watch bizarre and twisted documentaries in her spare time.

She is slightly obsessed with Theo James and funny animal memes. If you don’t mind these things, you should add her on facebook. 



September 24, 2018

COVER REVEAL: Blood Prince

Blood Prince
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 16, 2018


Paris, heir to a vampire kingdom he has never claimed, is adrift on earth and in the Underworld. The bounty on his head keeps him on the run. But when he realizes the woman whose death haunts his dreams could be alive, he will risk everything just to touch her again.


Celia Aaron is a USA Today bestselling author and recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy--if it's hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Thanks for reading.


RELEASE: The Rise to Fame

The Rise to Fame
Author: Shay Stone
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense 
Release date: Available now

What if getting everything you ever wanted cost you the only one you ever loved?


Colin Riley's past wasn't a pretty one. He'd worked hard to bury his demons. So when he crossed paths with Alexandra Vaughn, the daughter of the man that almost destroyed his life, he should have run. But he didn't. Instead, like an idiot, he fell in love. Alex was smart, talented, beautiful, and one of the most infuriating women Colin had ever met. From the second he laid eyes on her, he knew he'd do anything to make her his. Why else would he let her trick him into starring in some play?

It was just supposed to be a way to get close to her. How could he have known saying yes to the role would change their lives forever? But that's what happens when Richard Steed - the most sought-after agent in Hollywood swoops in promising to make all their dreams come true. It doesn't take long before the slick agent's true intentions become known turning him into their worst nightmare.

With a ghost from the past haunting them and an agent hell-bent on tearing them apart, is there any way Colin and Alex can survive The Rise to Fame?

The Rise to Fame is Book One in a two-book series. The second book, The Cost of Fame is due out September 2018.



Copyright Shay Stone 2018©
*With the exception of brief quotations to be used in reviews or other noncommercial uses, no part of this excerpt can be used or reproduced. *

The tension hung heavy in the air between them. Luckily, their characters spent a good portion of the play fighting, so the intensity worked. Sergio praised their performances telling them how impressed he was with their rewrite. “Let’s run through the last scene and then we can call it a night,” he said.

Like the true professional she was, Alex steeled herself, taking her place on stage ignoring her sweaty palms and pretending it didn’t feel like a pile of cinderblocks was crushing down on her chest. The last scene involved a kiss. The thought of Colin’s lips on hers was too much right now.

She knew he was blowing her off. Like a naïve school girl, she swallowed every line he fed her as though she was starving for it. Tears formed in her eyes as she resided herself to the fact that once again, she had allowed herself to be played. She blinked them away and sucked in a deep breath pushing it out quickly.

Colin stood on the opposite side of the stage watching her. She was doing an excellent job trying to hide her emotions. To the casual onlooker, they appeared to be nothing more than two actors rehearsing. No one would guess they were lovers on the brink of implosion. But he could see the confusion and disappointment taking its toll, stealing a bit of the light from her eyes. He felt it when she stiffened every time he touched her, as though the contact physically burned her.

The longer they rehearsed, the harder it was for her to keep up the façade. Oh shit. Her lower lids were getting shiny and watery. If she started crying right now, he would lose it. It was everything he could do not to wrap his arms around her and apologize for being so cold. He wanted to kiss away her tears, hating himself knowing he was the cause of them.

Alex recited her lines doing her best to get lost in the character, but it was difficult. The dialogue was emotional and echoed what they were going through – a couple on the verge of break up because of the secrets between them. She wondered if somehow, Colin had allowed his own fears to come out through the writing.

When it came time for the kiss, Alex tried to remain unaffected, but the moment their lips touched she knew all her efforts had been in vain. The kiss was tentative at first, but quickly turned deep and sensual, like two lovers coming together after years apart.

The inexplicable response that overtook her body every time they touched was reacting inside her like sexual napalm blowing away all reason. She attempted to break away, but Colin tightened his hold around her waist until all the anger she was bottling up came flooding out. She pressed her hands to his chest pushing him away, pounding her fist against him, but he kept kissing her refusing to let her go. His hand gripped her hair almost violently, steadying her head until she finally succumbed allowing her fury to give way to passion and her carnal need for him to take over. Her hands framed his face and slid into his soft locks.

“Cut!” Sergio shouted for the second time before they heard him. “You guys are really going to have to tone it down for the play. Although, I do like the whole beating his chest thing. We should keep that.”

Alex pulled away breaking Colin’s hold. “You really are one hell of an actor.”

“Shall we run it one more time?” Sergio asked.

“No. I think I’ve had enough for one day. We’re done here,” she replied giving Colin a glare so icy he felt his balls shrink. She gathered her things, leaving him standing on stage alone.

Let her go, Riley. It’s for the best. He watched her walk away from him until she disappeared out the door.

“Fuck!” He leaped from the stage, chasing after her, running so hard and fast his feet almost came out from under him. Letting her go may be the right thing, but he couldn’t do it.


Shay Stone started her writing career after a car accident left her unable to read or look at a computer. Ironic, right? Many years, and hours of vision therapy later, and voila! She wrote her first book. She lives in Georgia with her four dogs and one cat, that thinks he is a dog. If you happen to be driving around Atlanta, there is a good chance you will see her dancing in her car and singing (poorly) to some 80’s tune. She has no shame.

Her passions include writing and traveling. She writes strong women with a bit of attitude, and flawed men that you can’t help but fall in love with to create that once in a lifetime love one page at a time. The Rise to Fame and The Cost of Fame complete her first contemporary romance series.
To stay up to date on Shay’s latest releases check out her website or follow her on social media.  Don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter!


Series: Grace Trilogy #1 
Author: Autumn Grey 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 24, 2018


There are angels and demons at war inside my head.

I had it all figured out: finish high school, attend seminary and finally answer my calling of becoming a priest. What I hadn’t counted in the equation was her. 

Grace Miller. 

The girl who was always out of my reach. The girl who still makes me lose my breath with just a look. 

Little did I know she would become my temptation and vice, and quite possibly, my ruin. 

Now I’m standing at a crossroads, and my head is a battlefield. How do I choose sides when it means losing a part of who I am?

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This title engenders what I’ve felt throughout this book. Desolation. A yearning, a need for these characters to have a happy ending.

This story is poignant, so very interesting and pulls at your heartstrings. It keeps you teetering on the edge of your seat wondering how it is all is going to unfold.

It is devastating, heart wrenching, beautiful and absolutely sinful.

Sol has known forever that he wanted to be a priest. He is devout and steadfast in his calling to become ordained until he meets Grace. She brings out a part of Sol he thought he lost long ago.

Their first meeting as children is innocent and sweet but as they reconnect years later, what they feel is not. A cocktail of temptation, secrecy, undeniable passion and love push them ever forward. Lines become blurred. Will they cross over a forbidden line with their punch-drunk love?

Desolate was a deliciously sexy treat that ends on a cliff-hanger but I, for one, am more than thrilled that their story will continue in Disgraceful!

I received an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


“Can I ask you something? It’s totally fine to say no.” She adds the last part quickly. She smiles and looks at the spot over my shoulder, her fingers tapping a quick beat on the table. She looks vulnerable, her eyes wide, allowing me to see how nervous she is. I mean, how can I say no to her?

“Sure.” I settle back on the seat and stretch my arms along the back of it.

“Can I . . . can I kiss you?” Her eyes snap back to mine, and she hurriedly adds, “I know you’re heading to Boston in a few weeks and—” She sucks in a deep breath. “I really want to kiss you. I promise I won’t try to do anything else. Just kiss you.”

Holy. Shit.

I take a deep breath, letting her words sink in, and realize I’m breathing faster than normal. My gaze falls on her mouth, and I literally stop breathing because that mouth, God help me. It’s like a gateway to a whole new galaxy where secrets and wishes are waiting to be unveiled.

I need to kiss her. I want to discover the universe beyond those full lips. I’ve been fighting the need to kiss her since I walked inside the diner and saw her wiping down the counter. But my brain is telling me it’s a bad idea and kissing her will irrevocably change me. Change my life. I know I won’t be able to come back from that. But the other part of me, the part that has a hopeless, desperate crush on this girl, just wants to drag her onto my lap and let her do whatever she wants.

“It’s getting late. We should probably lock up and leave,” she says in a small voice when I take too long to reply. She pushes her hair back before standing up and starting to stack our plates together. Her gaze meets mine briefly. “Look, I’m sorry I made this awkward. It’s not fair to you—”

I reach out, curling a finger through the belt loops on her jean shorts, and tug. But she doesn’t move toward me. Instead, her grip around the plates grows tighter, and she turns to leave.
“Gracie.” I tighten my hold, forcing her to set everything back on the table and look at me. 

“Come here.”

I pull her close while placing my other hand on her hip. Then, I slide both hands in the back pockets of her shorts, pulling her closer until all I can see is her face and her lips—so close to mine.

Her chest rises and falls quicker than before, and I realize mine’s doing the same. We stare at each other. I wonder if she regrets asking to kiss me. That thought makes my chest ache. Right now, in this moment, with my face inches away from her boobs, I’d do anything for a chance to know what she tastes like. My fingers skim along her arm and bury themselves in her hair. She trembles against me, so I know she wants this as much as I do.

Earlier today after leaving work, I drove home. My mind was preoccupied, and I was restless, so after taking a shower, I got into my car. And somehow, I found myself parking the truck outside the diner. Maybe this is why I came here; I don’t know. But I really want to find out.

“Do it.” My voice is a whisper. I’m almost breathless with want. I want to yank her down and kiss her myself, but she looks like she’s about to flee. So I let her come to me. “Kiss me.”

She sinks her teeth in her bottom lip as she comes closer. I’m glad I’m sitting down because my knees are shaking with anticipation. Then her lips touch mine, her eyes on me the whole time. Need has my fingers tightening in her hair as she presses her lips more firmly to mine. Her tongue peeks out, running along the seam of my lips. I groan and shift on the seat to ease the discomfort in my pants. My mouth opens, and the second her tongue touches mine, my body rattles with a shiver. This moment feels sacred. Like a blessing. It feels blasphemous and holy all at once. It scares me.

Tugging her into my lap, I fist her hair in my hands as I incline her hear further, fusing our lips together more firmly. But our noses are in the way, and we have to find the right angle to stop bumping into each other. It’s frustrating at first because I want her lips on mine and her breath mingling with my breath. Our heads finally slant in the right positions, and our lips fit perfectly. We both exhale in relief and groan at the contact.

Something in me breaks loose. Suddenly I’m pulling at her hair frantically, and my kisses become hungry and aggressive. I’m trembling and desperate and all I can think is I’ve never felt anything like this before, and I don’t ever want to stop or let her go. I don’t need to wonder if she’s enjoying this kiss too. Her hands fisted in my hair, yanking me closer and closer are all the answers I need. She’s pressing her chest into mine, and I swear I can feel her heart hammering. Neither one of us wants it to end.

We break apart and gulp for air, and my hands leave her hair, greedy to explore other parts of her, but they end up on her hips, pulling her further into me.

“More,” I beg, because right now, that’s all I can do.

Beg like my life depends on it. At this point, I feel like I’m about to go up in flames.


Autumn Grey writes sexy, angsty contemporary romance that always ends with a happy ever after.  She loves reading stories with flawed and quirky characters, broody alphas and sassy heroines.



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